Rāda 1–18 no 27 rezultātiem

Automašīnas lādētājs HD45192

USB car adapter with 5V/1A output and 12-24V voltage input. This product is suitable for charging mobile phones. Size: ø25 x 45 mm

Automašīnas lādētājs HD45326

keyring with USB car adapter, with 5V/1A output and 12-24V input. Suitable for charging smartphones. Size: 24 x 16 x 67 mm

Silikona paliktnis HD71071

Non-slip PU mat. Size: 144 x 89 mm

Automašīnas organizatos CARLET

Imitation leather car organizer with tablet (up to 10.5'') stand and elastic to hang on the front seat. Size: 220 x 280 x 25 mm

Avārijas āmurs HD94759

Emergency hammer with magnet, car seat belt cutter and flash light with 1 white LED and 3 red LEDs. Includes 2 AA batteries. This product supplied in a box. Size:…

Saliekama lāpsta HD94760

Metal foldable shovel with compass and rubber handle, supplied in 600D pouch. Size: Folded: 160 x 100 mm | Open: 420 x 100 mm

Automašīnas lādētājs HD97120

USB Car adapter with 2 5V/1A and 5V/2.1A outputs and 12-24V input voltage. This product is suitable for charging mobile phones and GPS devices. Size: 39 x 50 x 72 mm

Automašīnas lādētājs HD97155

USB car adapter in ABS and aluminum with 2 5V / 1-2.1A outputs. Size: 31 x 31 x 63 mm

Magnētisks telefona turētājs

Aluminum car phone holder. This product includes a magnetic metal piece with 360º swivel frame, allowing to adapt the position of the mobile phone. Contains a sticky surface to place…

Automašīnas lādētājs HD97316

ABS car USB adapter with 2 5V/1-2.1A outputs. Size: 37 x 80 x 26 mm

Telefona turētājs HD97338

ABS mobile phone holder. Size: 50 x 97 x 28 mm

Telefona turētājs HD97366

ABS car phone holder. Size: 40 x 78 x 25 mm

Ledus skrāpis ar cimdu HD98122

Ice scraper with glove. Size: 165 x 270 x 13 mm

Stāvvietas pulkstenis HD98126

Parking disc with ice scraper. Size: 118 x 7 x 155 mm

Ledus skrāpis HD98181

Translucent plastic ice scraper. Size: 108 x 224 mm

Ledus skrāpis HD98182

Useful ice scraper. Size: 109 x 120 x 3 mm

Ledus skrāpis un slotiņa HD98184

Plastic ice scraper with brush. Size: 400 x 70 x 100 mm

Saules atstarotājs HD98191

PE foam car sunshade lined and with 1 aluminum foil. This sunshade is suitable for front glass and includes 2 suction cups. Size: 1300 x 600 mm